Behind The Scenes - Mamarazzi Nina Photography
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First Wedding

My niece's... I am proud to admit. I come from a strong line of lunatics *read phenomenal humans. Most believe this family wedding not to count for a portfolio. I get that. However, I think they should get full credit in trusting me as their ONLY wedding photographer. Nevermind the fact that I did a workshop on 'how to shoot in manual' literally a month before this photo was taken. So this simply has to feature in the VIP section of my portfolio. I have yet to meet the photographer that did not start out with family or friends as guinea pigs. Having done both as clients, I think the pressure is far worse with whanau than strangers. I also treasure all my first shoots to keep me humble, grounded and focused on how vital it is to grow. More importantly, judge my work, not the relation to my subjects. I end up being friends with everyone I shoot in any case. Your vibe attracts your tribe.