Behind The Scenes - Mamarazzi Nina Photography
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Eek! Groupies!

As a lifestyle photographer, group photos are my kryptonite. Everyone has to pose intimately and unnaturally on top of each other and pretend they like it, ending up in fake smiling. Next time when you're in a group photo at a wedding, look around, there are always those who dread to join the group, hoping they would be forgotten. There are the ones who hide behind at the back who ironically are the shortest. Eyes are closed, faces are pulled, some forget their sunnies on, at least five women are complaining about their double chins and if you don't have a screaming runaway child, you are doing it wrong. Don't get me started on the complaints on how hot it is in suits and gowns... I have found always, at this point, I crave an ice cold beer. Odd.
Here, I'm telling the crowd I FEEL YOUR PAIN but also why you need to show up for this. It is important to have your face in this memory even if you have a third nipple growing on your nose. And for once, when the couple look back on this, don't be THAT guy who looks like someone had to pay him to be there but at the reception, is the same one dancing naked in the fountain. Yes, I know you. And I will be taking the fountain photo of you too. I'm not judging - you are my kind of Human! But for the formals, if I have to fall off my ladder to make you laugh, I will absolutely take one for the team. We are freezing time for a lifelong memory. It is vital to show your beautiful self and confirm why you were considered important enough to be invited to witness this union. SAY CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!