Behind The Scenes - Mamarazzi Nina Photography
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Me, the nut in my shell...

Hi, I'm Nina. Don't let me cook for you. Ever. Black is my favourite colour. Think burnt toast black. You can wake me at midnight with red wine, biltong and cuddles from my kids. I am a sucker for open fires, dress-up parties and kind, generous people. I adore nature and consider children as the purest form of honesty. I communicate best with adults who have kept their inner kids alive. I've always wanted to be a sniper when I grow up - makes only sense that I now shoot people for a living. I am stitched together with lyrics, love of words and laughter. My Dad used to say I hit people like a hurricane. But filled with compassion. My favourite words that would describe me are facetious, voluptuous and vivacious. My superhero power is to capture you and tell your story to revisit, share and leave as legacy. If it's having fun while being your authentic self that you're after, then I'm your photographer.